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The Perfect Metronome App

If you type metronome into google play, or search for metronome in apple’s App Store, you will be swamped with results, most of them free, I expect most of them will be reliable enough now that we are no longer in the dawn of the age of the hand held computer. If all you want is something to go click, […]

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Bert Boeren to Jam in Copenhagen

Bert Boeren is coming over to Denmark to wow audiences again with his Trombone Technique. In addition to playing three concerts with myself, Simon Thorsen, Marko Martinovic and Mikkel Find, he will be playing at Kroteket’s Monday night jam session on the 15th April 2013.

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Busting Those Blisters

I recently took six weeks off gigging for personal reasons, when I came back to the stage the blisters came out to play. The time before that I spent 5 days swimming on a beach in greece. I paid for it the following weekend with blisters you would have to see to believe. If you […]

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