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The Perfect Metronome App

If you type metronome into google play, or search for metronome in apple’s App Store, you will be swamped with results, most of them free, I expect most of them will be reliable enough now that we are no longer in the dawn of the age of the hand held computer. If all you want is something to go click, […]

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Robin Nolan’s Gypsy Jazz Gig Book

I was lucky enough to play with Robin a few months back when he came over to play in Copenhagen. After the gig, being the kind and generous person that he is, he came up to me and gave me a copy of “The Gig Book“.  This is a great resource for anyone playing or […]

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That’s Entertainment

I’ve been having a few free weekends with my family recently, as a result I’ve been able to watch a few of these reality talent shows recently – X-factor, The Voice etc. All very entertaining. Obviously they hardly ever choose the singers that impress me to go into the final rounds, but that is not […]

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