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The Perfect Metronome App

If you type metronome into google play, or search for metronome in apple’s App Store, you will be swamped with results, most of them free, I expect most of them will be reliable enough now that we are no longer in the dawn of the age of the hand held computer. If all you want is something to go click, […]

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iPad Music Stand

If you, like me, use your iPad as your music pad on Jazz gigs, or any gigs for that matter you will most likely need a stand to put it on. Given that the iPad is a pretty expensive piece of kit I decided to find a secure way of placing it on a stand […]

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How I use my Ipad for music

Whilst playing gigs around Denmark over the last few months I have been attracting a lot of attention. Sadly, not all of it has been because of my bass playing. In fact a great deal of focus has been on the use of my iPad as a music pad. It has been very useful in […]

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iPad as a music Pad

There are loads of iPad applications that can be used by musicians to replace all those folders of sheet music that used to clutter up the stage for so many of us. Some have more functions and features than others, but at the end of the day what you need is basically just a pdf […]

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