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The Awesome ACPAD

ACPAD – This new interface for musical expression looks like a great deal of fun. In fact it is very similar to an idea I had recently had, and was considering mounting to my short scale bass guitar. I eventually decided to put that bass up for sale and watch an episode of Star Trek […]

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Lenovo phone features virtual piano

Synthesizer interfaces using laser projection are nothing new. Jean Michelle Jarre was famous for playing around with such devices back in the eighties when I was a kid. Lenovo are not the first tech company to play around with interactive projected control surfaces either. This review (below) would suggest that they have not cracked it. But […]

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The Octobasse

This would just about complete my collection. http://laughingsquid.com/the-octobasse-an-enormous-string-instrument-capable-of-playing-frequencies-lower-than-humans-can-hear/

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The ultimate musicians gear bag

If you’ve been looking for a bag that will help you lug around all those small bits of gear that you sometimes need at gigs, and all the bits and bobs that you need every-time, and will help you keep them organised and safe, then the Access PFX1 is for you. I spotted this bag […]

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